Would You Like to Reach 4.4 Million Readers on Twitter? Now You Can!

We have been building our Twitter Accounts since 2009. In mid 2014 we started building genre specific Twitter Accounts. We now have 4.4 Million Readers on Twitter. This makes us the #1 Twitter Book Promotion company.

If you want to tap into the power of social media there's no better and easier option than Twitter, and we're the biggest Twitter Book Promotion company

Here are 3 of our Twitter Accounts, to give you an idea of what our Twitter accounts are like and of what our followers are like -

1) Main Twitter Account (54,300+ Readers) - www.twitter.com/ireaderreview/. You can see that posts get a good number of retweets and likes. You can also see that this account was started way back in March 2009 (we've been curating books and helping authors since Jan 2008)

2) 2nd Main Twitter Account (70,300+ Readers) - www.twitter.com/kebooks/. This account was started in Feb 2013.

4) Science Fiction Free Books (32,600+ Readers) - www.twitter.com/freescifibook/

It hasn't been easy building up our Twitter accounts to 4.4 Million+ Readers. It takes time and effort to find readers, to get them as followers, and then to retain them as followers

Now you can benefit from our hard work by leveraging these accounts to promote your book. You don't need to spend 2.5 years finding 30,000+ readers interested in your book's genres - promote with Books Butterfly and reach these readers instantly

All Books Butterfly book promotion slots include Twitter Book Promotion. There are also some Twitter specific promotions like Twitter Max, All Month Twitter, and 3 Month Twitter if you really want to maximize your Twitter marketing. Please email us at booksbutterfly88@outlook.com if you want us to run one of these 3 Twitter focused book promotions for your book

Promote Your Book to 4.4 Million Twitter Readers

Please see the Top Reasons to Promote with Books Butterfly Page for a detailed list of benefits

Get a Better Understanding of All the Readers You Will Reach, and of how Books Butterfly Book Promotions work, by reading the following pages

1) Why you can Trust Books Butterfly
2) Proof of 8 Million Readers
3) 8 Million Total Readers
4) Guaranteed Results
5) 3 Million App Readers
6) 4.4 Million Twitter Readers
7) 1.35 Million Android Readers
8) 2.35 Million Monthly Active Readers
9) 1,137,700 Daily Active Readers
10) Top Reasons to Promote Your Book with Books Butterfly

Additional Insight into Apps, Email Subscribers, Website Visitors

1) 822,500 Apple Readers
2) 549,768 Windows Readers
3) 310,890 Email Subscribers
4) 118,900+ Website Visitors

Promote to 8 Million Readers

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