5 Main Reasons You Should Trust Books Butterfly

We have sold over $1.9 Million of Book Promotion Packages
We have worked with over 7,000 Authors and 65% become repeat customers

For the $1 Million of Book Promotion Packages sold up to June 30th, 2019 we had a low dispute rate of 0.24%. Screenshot showing this Low Dispute Rate

For the first half of 2019 we have only 3 disputes in 1,319 book promotion packages sold (0.227%). Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in first half of 2019

For the second half of 2019 we have only 2 disputes in 1,021 book promotion packages sold (0.195%). Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in second half of 2019

For 2020 we have only 4 disputes in 1,699 book promotion packages sold (0.24%). Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in 2020

For 2021 we have only 5 disputes in 1,820 book promotion packages sold (0.27%). Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in 2021

For the first 9 months of 2022 we have only 1 dispute in 1,280 book promotion packages sold (0.08%). Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in 2022

There are 5 Main Reasons you can Trust Books Butterfly

A) We are solving the biggest problem we faced ourselves when we were building and selling $0.99 Apps - Discovery & Discoverability. What use is a great product if you can't make any of your customers aware that it exists. We're solving FOR YOU the exact same problem that WE faced ourselves. We've sold 1.35 million apps at $0.99 each, and reaching the right customers was very difficult. Now we get to help fellow creators, authors, go about it more smoothly than we could

B) Many of our book genres are sold out, especially for $0.99 books and books over $1. Despite that we have kept the prorated refund guarantee - to ensure that authors get value for their money. Despite that we do not cherry pick books and we do not limit ourselves to already established authors

C) We're sensible enough to realize that a win-win-win relationship/partnership where authors profit, where we profit, and where readers profit will benefit all parties much more than some arrangement where one party gets greedy and ends up losing its partners. We've been curating books since Jan 2008 and we intend to curate books all our lives. The only partnerships that will matter are ones that are built on trust and which become strong and long-lasting

D) We have built up 200+ Books Discovery Apps, 100+ blogs and sites painstakingly over a period of 4.5 years. Our aim and focus is to keep helping authors and readers connect with each other. We are in it for the long haul

E) We've been curating books since Jan 2008 and now we're curating and promoting more authors every day than any other book promotion company. Our entire focus is on growing reader clients and author clients and helping more and more readers and authors every day

Why we switched from Pure Curation to a Mix of Curation & Paid Book Promotion

We curated books without charging anything from Jan 2008 to late 2014 (at our IReaderReview blog). We started charging only in 2014 and for a few very specific reasons

a) We wanted Books Butterfly to grow and connect more authors and more readers

b) We wanted to have a bigger team and reach more readers and curate more authors. Today we have 4 Million+ Readers and 7,000+ Author Clients

c) There's a big need for companies which connect readers with authors. For platforms that easily let authors reach readers and which let readers find new authors conveniently. To build such a platform requires a lot of resources

d) Everything that we were doing (connecting authors with readers, showing readers who the best new authors were, making things easy for everyone) works much better at scale. Indeed, our current size (4 Million Readers) has enabled us to do all these things better than we used to

Books Butterfly is about connecting authors with readers. It's our passion which became a business while solving the one problem we faced ourselves - how to find customers when you have a good product. We're now at 4 Million Readers (in just 4.5 years) and we're adding more than 200,000 new readers a year

Promote Your Book with a Trusted Company

Please see the Top Reasons to Promote with Books Butterfly Page for a detailed list of benefits

Get a Better Understanding of All the Readers You Will Reach, and of how Books Butterfly Book Promotions work, by reading the following pages

1) Why you can Trust Books Butterfly
2) Proof of 4 Million Readers
3) 4 Million Total Readers
4) Guaranteed Results
5) 3 Million App Readers
6) 1.35 Million Android Readers
7) 614,000 Daily Active Readers
8) Top Reasons to Promote Your Book with Books Butterfly

Additional Insight into Apps, Email Subscribers, Website Visitors

1) 822,500 Apple Readers
2) 549,768 Windows Readers
3) 310,890 Email Subscribers
4) 118,900+ Website Visitors

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