Understanding Books Butterfly's 614,000+ Daily Active Readers

Daily Active Readers - Our Readers who visit our Apps and Blogs every single day

Our Readers - 4 Million+ Readers
Our Daily Active Readers - 614,000+ Daily Active Readers who visit us for book offers and book deals every single day

While we have 4 Million+ Readers, there is a very special set of our most loyal readers who check our Apps and Blogs and Sites every single day. This is approximately 614,000+ Daily Active Readers. These are the readers most important for your Book Promotion

Based on all the statistics we have from the various App Stores, from our email lists, and our blogs, we approximate that 15% of our readers check every single day for book deals and free books. The actual range might be 10% to 20% - so somewhere between 400,000 and 800,000 daily active readers

Here are a few important points

1) 614,000+ Daily Active Readers means 614,000 readers who visit looking for free books and book deals every single day

2) On any given day, there will also be other sets of readers - those who check a few times a week or a few times a month and happen to check on that day, those who only visit once and happen to visit on that day, those readers who had one of our email lists or blog posts sent to them by friends or family, and so forth. So the actual figure will be between 614,000 and 822,000

3) Free Books and $0.99 Box Set Deals go out on all our channels

4) Paid $0.99 Book Deals and Over $1 Book Deals go out to approzimately 40% of Apps and to 100% of blogs and websites and email lists. Some of the older Apps only feature Free Books and $0.99 Box Sets. All newer Apps feature all books

5) Depending on what book promotion slot you get, your book will be sent to different lists and blogs and Apps and websites on different days

We have 10 to 20 Books per Genre per Day

Another very important distinction is that we are not a one book a day book promotion site. We have 10 to 20 books in every genre, every day. We have a mix of curated and sponsored books

You reach a massive number of readers (4 Million+ Readers) and an immense number of daily active readers (614,000+ Daily Active Readers)

Promote Your Book to 614,000+ Daily Active Readers

Please see the Top Reasons to Promote with Books Butterfly Page for a detailed list of benefits

Get a Better Understanding of All the Readers You Will Reach, and of how Books Butterfly Book Promotions work, by reading the following pages

1) Why you can Trust Books Butterfly
2) Proof of 4 Million Readers
3) 4 Million Total Readers
4) Guaranteed Results
5) 3 Million App Readers
6) 1.35 Million Android Readers
7) 614,000 Daily Active Readers
8) Top Reasons to Promote Your Book with Books Butterfly

Additional Insight into Apps, Email Subscribers, Website Visitors

1) 822,500 Apple Readers
2) 549,768 Windows Readers
3) 310,890 Email Subscribers
4) 118,900+ Website Visitors

Promote to 4 Million Readers

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