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Books Butterfly has the Biggest Nook Book Promotion Apps with 121,710+ app downloads.

We have been building book discovery apps for Nook since 2011. The first generation of our apps got 180,000+ downloads. Then we built a newer, better set of apps in 2012 and 2013 and those got 121,710+ app downloads. We only count the second set of downloads as those are the more recent apps

121,710+ app downloads for Nook Book Discovery Apps makes us the biggest Nook Book Apps Promotion Company. We also have 26,218+ Nook Email Subscribers

This combination means a Books Butterfly book promotion will get you sales and downloads in the Nook Store too, not just in Kindle and Apple stores

Please Note: Nook App Store closed down earlier this year, unfortunately. Nook Book Store is still alive and kicking

Promote Your Book To 121,710+ Nook Readers

Please see the Top Reasons to Promote with Books Butterfly Page for a detailed list of benefits

Get a Better Understanding of All the Readers You Will Reach, and of how Books Butterfly Book Promotions work, by reading the following pages

1) Why you can Trust Books Butterfly
2) Proof of 8 Million Readers
3) 8 Million Total Readers
4) Guaranteed Results
5) 3 Million App Readers
6) 4.4 Million Twitter Readers
7) 1.35 Million Android Readers
8) 2.35 Million Monthly Active Readers
9) 1,137,700 Daily Active Readers
10) Top Reasons to Promote Your Book with Books Butterfly

Additional Insight into Apps, Email Subscribers, Website Visitors

1) 822,500 Apple Readers
2) 549,768 Windows Readers
3) 310,890 Email Subscribers
4) 118,900+ Website Visitors

Promote to 8 Million Readers

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